Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram
Application Detergent & Surfactants, Shampoo & Toothpaste, etc.
Packaging Type Carboys (Can) & Drum (Barrels)
Packaging Size 50 Kgs Carboys (Can) & 235Kgs Drum (Barrel)
Form Liquid
Purity SLES 28%& SLES PASTE 70%
H.S. Code 34021190
CAS No. 9004-82-4

Manufacturers and Suppliers of sodium lauryl ether sulphate (Sles)

Akshar Chemical India Private Limited is one of the largest chemical supplier and manufacturer. We provides a list of chemicals also we provide one of the best quality sodium lauryl ether sulphate (sles). we provide sodium lauryl ether sulphate (sles) with Minimum Order Quantity 50kg. Which really Used to Detergent & Surfactants, Shampoo & Toothpaste, etc.

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