Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity235 Kilogram
ApplicationHigh-quality shampoos, light-duty liquid detergents, bubble baths, and heavy-duty liquid and powder detergents, emulsion polymerization, etc.
Packaging TypeDrum (Barrels) & Tanker
Packaging Size230 Kgs Drum (Barrel) & Tanker load.
H.S. Code34021190
CAS No.68439-57-6

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Alpha Olefin Sulfonate(AOS) in mumbai

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here some important information about Alpha Olefin Sulfonate(AOS)

Alpha Olefin Sulfonate chemical Industries

Typical alpha olefins are astounding intermediates for creating alpha olefin sulfonate (AOS) surfactants. These surfactants give extraordinary detergency, high similarity with hard water, and great wetting and frothing properties. AOS is free of skin aggravations and sensitizers, and it biodegrades quickly. It is utilized in brilliant shampoos, light-obligation fluid cleansers, bubble showers, and rock solid fluid and powder cleansers. It is likewise utilized in emulsion polymerization. C14-C16 AOS mixes are as often as possible utilized in fluid hand cleansers.

To make AOS, typical alpha olefins are first sulfonated in a constant flimsy film reactor to deliver a blend of alkene sulfonic acids and sultones (cyclic sulfonate esters). The blend is killed with fluid sodium hydroxide, at that point hydrolyzed at raised temperatures to change over the remaining sultones to alkene sulfonates and hydroxy sulfonates. This outcomes in a fluid arrangement of alpha olefin sulfonate. (On the off chance that a strong anhydrous item is wanted, it tends to be effectively acquired by killing and hydrolyzing the arrangement in isopropanol rather than water).
Alpha olefin sulfonates (AOS) have been utilized effectively for a long time in clothing and individual consideration items all through Asia. Among their reported positive qualities are great cleaning and high frothing in both delicate and hard water, quick biodegradability, and great skin mellowness. AOS has ordinarily been promoted as roughly 40%-dynamic watery arrangements.Alpha olefin sulfonates (AOS) chemical companies in Mumbai. Be that as it may, with the expanded significance of smaller powder cleansers created by procedures other than shower drying, high-dynamic types of AOS including 70%-dynamic glues and 90+%-dynamic powders are presently being used for that item division. In such manner, the rheological properties of non-Newtonian AOS and AOS/added substance glues at pertinent procedure temperatures were estimated and found conceivably reasonable for agglomeration forms. Additionally, the relationship of AOS powder molecule size to surfactant solvency at different wash conditions was analyzed to permit assurance of the ideal size for both detergency and preparing of clothing powders. Both glue rheology and powder morphology are basic components for the fruitful utilization of high-dynamic AOS in reduced powder cleansers.

Rockville, MD, Nov. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Alpha olefin sulfonates (AOS) advertise saw 2.4% y-o-y volume development in 2018 more than 2017, as indicated by Fact.MR’s most recent research. The examination stays bullish on the potential ascent in reception of alpha olefin sulfonates as surfactants, attributable to its eco-accommodating and biodegradable nature. Be that as it may, unpredictability in supply and cost may impede its reception crosswise over different enterprises. The Fact.MR examine offers a comprehensive investigation on the alpha olefin sulfonates advertise, giving a shrewd appraisal on the key variables impacting request.

Supply and Prices Fluctuations Drive Customers towards Bio-based Alternatives

Interest for alpha olefin sulfonate is seeing a decrease inferable from unpredictability in supply and cost. As alpha olefin sulfonates are oil based anionic surfactants, their costs and supplies are profoundly subject to those of oil mixes, which is limiting their reception in different mechanical applications. Purchasers are leaning toward bio-based anionic surfactants in mechanical cleaners and cleansers as they are more practical than alpha olefin sulfonates, which is hindering development of the alpha olefin sulfonates advertise. Besides, end-client businesses are moving far from alpha olefin sulfonates.

The ‘hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail’ structure of alpha olefin sulfonates make it troublesome for end-clients to keep up a high level of scent oil in shampoos and shower gels without trading off their physical properties, for example, frothing properties and consistency.

Specialized difficulties related with keeping up target consistency and lucidity in different individual consideration items with the utilization of alpha olefin sulfonates are having a negative effect on the development of the alpha olefin sulfonates showcase.

Alpha Olefin Sulfonates Witness over 63% Volume Sales in the Asia Pacific Region barring Japan (APEJ)

The alpha olefin sulfonates showcase in the APEJ area is probably going to outflank other provincial markets with the regularly developing utilization of anionic surfactants in creating nations, for example, China and India. best chemical company in mumbai. The Fact.MR examine predicts a 3% ascend in offers of alpha olefin sulfonates in the APEJ area, in 2018 more than 2017. The alpha olefin sulfonates advertise in APEJ is probably going to represent over 63% offers of alpha olefin sulfonates in 2018, making increasingly worthwhile open doors for market players in the up and coming years.

The investigation finds that the ongoing financial development and consistently expanding pattern of industrialization is activating development of surfactant-expending applications, for example, mechanical cleaners and individual consideration items. The predominance of APEJ district in the alpha olefin sulfonates showcase is primarily credited to a greater part of market players putting intensely in the neighborhood markets to grow their surfactant offices in the area. Developing uses of alpha olefin sulfonates in creative individual consideration items and cleaners in the locale are prodding the pattern of advancements in the market.

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Alpha olefin sulfonates showcase players in the district are receiving innovations and propelled producing procedures to pick up an edge in the most rewarding territorial market for alpha olefin sulfonates, in the forthcoming years.

Cleansers and Liquid Soaps Industry Creates Maximum Demand for Alpha Olefin Sulfonates

The Fact.MR report opines that the cleansers and fluid cleansers fragment will represent the greater part the offers of alpha olefin sulfonates over the world, by 2018. A dominant part of fluid cleanser and fluid cleanser fabricating organizations are embracing alpha olefin sulfonates as a third era surfactant attributable to its superb emulsification and frothing properties.

Another factor adding to the higher interest for alpha olefin sulfonates in cleansers over ordinary surfactants is its biodegradability. A dominant part of legislative associations have pronounced that alpha olefin sulfonates present low dangers to the human wellbeing just as the earth.Alpha Olefin Sulfonates chemical manufacturers in mumbai In this way, most cleanser makers are slanted towards alpha olefin sulfonates to limit the carbon impression of their items and draw in a bigger purchaser base around the world.