Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Kilogram
ApplicationSoap & Detergent, Food Industry, Water treatment, Toothpaste, Agro, etc.
Packaging TypeCarboys (Can), Drum (Barrels) & Tanker
Packaging Size50 Kgs Carboys (Can)
Grade StandardFood & Technical Grade
Purity75% & 85%
BrandTaiwan Imported.
H.S. Code28092010
CAS No.7664-38-2

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Here some important information about phosphoric acid.


Phosphoric corrosive (otherwise called orthophosphoric corrosive or phosphoric(V) corrosive) is a frail corrosive with the substance equation H3PO4. Orthophosphoric corrosive alludes to phosphoric corrosive, which is the IUPAC name for this compound. The prefix ortho-is utilized to recognize the corrosive from related phosphoric acids, called polyphosphoric acids. Orthophosphoric corrosive is a non-harmful corrosive, which, when unadulterated, is a strong at room temperature and weight. The conjugate base of phosphoric corrosive is the dihydrogen phosphate particle, H


4, which thus has a conjugate base of hydrogen phosphate, HPO2−

4, which has a conjugate base of phosphate, PO3−

4. Phosphates are fundamental for life.[8]

The most well-known wellspring of phosphoric corrosive is a 85% watery arrangement; such arrangements are dreary, scentless, and non-unpredictable. The 85% arrangement is a syrupy fluid, yet at the same time pourable. Albeit phosphoric corrosive does not meet the strict meaning of a solid corrosive, the 85% arrangement is sufficiently acidic to be destructive.

Production of phosphoric acid

Phosphoric corrosive is delivered modernly by two general routes.[9] In the wet procedure a phosphate-containing mineral, for example, calcium hydroxyapatite is treated with sulfuric acid.[10]

{\displaystyle {\ce {Ca5(PO4)3OH + 5H2SO4 – > 3H3PO4 + 5CaSO4v + H2O}}} {\displaystyle {\ce {Ca5(PO4)3OH + 5H2SO4 – > 3H3PO4 + 5CaSO4v + H2O}}}

Fluoroapatite is an elective feedstock, in which case fluoride is evacuated as the insoluble compound Na2SiF6. The phosphoric corrosive arrangement more often than not contains 23– 33% P2O5 (32– 46% H3PO4). It might be concentrated to deliver business or vendor grade phosphoric corrosive, which contains about 54– 62% P2O5 (75– 85% H3PO4). Further expulsion of water yields superphosphoric corrosive with a P2O5 fixation above 70% (relating to about 100% H3PO4). Calcium sulfate (gypsum) is delivered as a side-effect and is evacuated as phosphogypsum.

To create nourishment grade phosphoric corrosive, phosphate mineral is first decreased with coke in an electric circular segment heater, to make natural phosphorus. The PHOSPHORIC ACID chemical industries in mumbaiSilica is likewise included, bringing about the generation of calcium silicate slag. Basic phosphorus is refined out of the heater and consumed with air to deliver high-virtue phosphorus pentoxide, which is broken up in water to make phosphoric corrosive.

The phosphoric corrosive from the two procedures might be additionally purged by evacuating mixes of arsenic and other conceivably lethal pollutions.

Acidic properties

Phosphoric corrosive speciation

Equilibrium Disassociation steady, pKa[11]

H3PO4 ⇌ H


4 + H+ pKa1 = 2.14[a]



4 ⇌ HPO2−

4 + H+ pKa2 = 7.20


4 ⇌ PO3−

4 + H+ pKa3 = 12.37

Qualities are at 25 °C and 0 ionic quality.

Phosphoric corrosive, H3PO4, is a tribasic corrosive. The speciation outline demonstrates that, in fluid arrangement, there are five fundamental pH districts.

There are 3 areas, focused where the pH is equivalent to a pK esteem, which are cradle locales.

In the district based on pH 4.7 (mid-route between the initial two pK values) the dihydrogen phosphate particle, [H2PO4]−, is the main species present.

In the locale based on pH 9.8 (mid-path between the second and third pK values) the monohydrogen phosphate particle, [HPO4]2−, is the main species present.

This implies salts of the mono-and di-phosphate particles can be specifically solidified from fluid arrangement by setting the pH incentive to either 4.7 or 9.8.

At the point when phosphoric corrosive is broken up in a superacid, inadequately described items are shaped. All things considered, a response, for example,

H3PO4 + HSbF6 ⇌ [P(OH)4]+ + [SbF6]−

happens. The particle [P(OH)4]+ is isoelectronic with silicic corrosive, Si(OH)4.


The overwhelming utilization of phosphoric corrosive is for manures, expending around 90% of production.[12]

Application Demand (2006) in a huge number of tons Main phosphate subordinates

Cleansers and detergents 1836 STPP

Nourishment industry 309 STPP (Na5P3O10), SHMP, TSP, SAPP, SAlP, MCP, DSP (Na2HPO4), H3PO4

Water treatment 164 SHMP, STPP, TSPP, MSP (NaH2PO4), DSP

Toothpastes 68 DCP (CaHPO4), IMP, SMFP

Other applications 287 STPP (Na3P3O9), TCP, APP, DAP, zinc phosphate (Zn3(PO4)2), aluminum phosphate (AlPO4, H3PO4)

Nourishment grade phosphoric corrosive (added substance E338[13]) is utilized to ferment sustenances and refreshments, for example, different colas and jams.the top PHOSPHORIC ACID chemical company in mumbai. It gives a tart or harsh taste. Phosphoric corrosive in sodas can possibly cause dental erosion.[14] Phosphoric corrosive additionally can possibly add to the arrangement of kidney stones, particularly in the individuals who have had kidney stones previously.[15]

Explicit uses of phosphoric corrosive include:

In against rust treatment by phosphate change covering

As an outside standard for phosphorus-31 atomic attractive reverberation.

In phosphoric corrosive energy components.

In enacted carbon production.[16]

In compound semiconductor handling, to draw Indium gallium arsenide specifically concerning indium phosphide.[17]

In microfabrication to carve silicon nitride specifically concerning silicon dioxide.[18]

As a pH agent in beautifying agents and healthy skin products.[19]

As a disinfecting specialist in the dairy, sustenance, and blending industries.[20]


Phosphoric corrosive has been ensnared in the ‘diet soft drink Catch 22’, in which diet soft drinks are believed to be more terrible for wellbeing than sugared soft drinks. The best chemical suplier company in mumbai.So as to veil the upsetting taste of fake sugars, makers add progressively phosphoric corrosive to the formulation.[citation needed] At moderate fixations phosphoric corrosive arrangements are bothering to the skin. Contact with concentrated arrangements can cause serious skin consumes and lasting eye damage.[21]

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