Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity45 Kilogram
ApplicationToilet Cleaner, etc.
Packaging TypeCarboys (Can) & Drum (Barrels)
Packaging Size45 Kgs Carboys (Can) &  180Kgs Drum (Barrel)
BrandAkshar Group
H.S. Code38099190
CAS No.26161-33-1

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Acid Thickner in mumbai

akshar international is one of the largest chemical supplier and manufacturer in mumbai. we provides a list of chemicals also we provide one of the best quality acid thickner. we provide acid thickner with Minimum Order Quantity 45kg online.which really helpful in Toilet Cleaner, etc.

here some important information about acid thickner.


Item Description

Alongside a wide scope of items to browse, we offer our customers with the best quality HCL Acid Thickener. ACID THICKNER chemical industries in mumbai To process distinctive kinds of latrine cleaners dependent on HCL, the offered thickeners are utilized. Quality testing strategies at various phase of handling guarantee that the nature of the offered HCL Acid Thickener is kept up according to the business laid standards.


High in adequacy

Improved timeframe of realistic usability

Precise creation

Corrosive thickener for latrine cleaners( landoline) milestone scents and aromatics has preparers of landoline brand corrosive thickener utilized of can cleaners formulation,the cationic ethoxylated amines thickeners of hcl corrosive and sulphamic corrosive and other corrosive extremely successful outcomes and safe useally, by utilized the measurement of landoline thickness of can cleaners and hostile to bacterial operator of can cleaners ,can be acclimates to under particular it give long haul consistency and dependability and 90% consumption restraint in hcl corrosive we prescribe dose dimension of 2 to 3% by weight our landoline is cooperative energy tics mix of against bacterial of quant ammonium compound, which great consequence of thickening and against bacterial property ordinary physical properties physical appearance yellow to dark colored gooey fluid ( 15c temp).

Synthetic ethoxylated greasy amine

Thickness 0.90 appox

Dampness content 1% max

Dynamic substance 99%

Strong point < 10c temp note

HCL corrosive required 33% virtue and ought to be sans iron and sulphamic corrosive utilized of 30 to 33 % fluid from r o water make arrangement strategy for utilized key frist 1 kgs bunch estimate ; 720 ml water + 30 gms ( landoline) include blend well and 250 gms hcl 33% utilized include and mixing great and blend with shade 2 to 5 gms and scent 3 gms lemongrass oil and other weakening with 720 ml water and hcl rate proportion 12 to 15% in completion items and thickens your required stockpiling and taking care of the items can be put away at room temp, for a long time, awoid contact with solid oxidizing operator don’t capacity 60c temp bundling: items pressing 50 kgs net carboy pack note : milestone fragrances and aromatics warrants just that its items will meet its determination milestone aromas and aromatics risk is restricted to returnd of items cost or substitution of the items.ACID THICKNER chemical manufacturers in mumbai .Milestone won’t be in charge of accidental or considerable demages of any sort. It is clients duty,

FX T-20 particularly utilized in the definition of Toilet Cleaners. By fluctuating the dose of FX T-20 consistency of Toilet Cleaner can be acclimated to given particulars. It gives long haul viscocity,stability and 90% Corrosion Inhibition in HCl Acid . We prescribe dose dimension of 2 to 2.5 % by weight .

Run of the mill Physical Properties :-

1. Physical Appearance at 15 Deg C – Yellow to Brownish Viscous Liquid

2. Substance Description – Proprietory

3. Thickness – 0.90 approx

4. Dampness Content – 1 % Max

5. Dynamic Content – 99 % Min

6. Strong Point – < 15 Deg C

Note :-

1. HCl Acid required is of 33 % Purity and Should be without iron.

2. HCl Acid must have light yellow shading.

Technique for Use :-

1. First take 67.5 Kg Water in the reactor.

2. Presently include 2.5 kg FX T-20 in the water and stirr well for 10 minutes.

3. Presently while mixing ceaselessly , include 30 kg HCL of atleast 33% Purity.

4. Keep mixing for 10 minutes with the goal that corrosive thickener gets blended totally in the arrangement.

5. Presently you can include any corrosive stable shading according to your decision .

6. You can alter measurements of FX T-20 according to the thickness required.

Capacity and Handling :-

The Product can be put away at surrounding temperatures for a long time. Maintain a strategic distance from Contact with solid oxidizing operators .

Try not to store over 60 Deg C over delayed periods . Ought to dependably be homogenized before use.

Bundling :-

The item is pressed in Carboy 45 Kg Net.


D K Corporation warrants just that its item will meet its details . DKC’s risk is restricted to the discount of item cost or substitution of the item . DKC won’t be in charge of accidental or considerable harms of any sort . It is the client’s obligation to decide the reasonableness of utilization.

Different polymers and other thickening operators have been assessed as gelling specialists for hydrochloric corrosive (HCl). These materials were thought about based on thickening productivity, corrosive soundness, and buildup arrangement after spending of the corrosive. Thickeners tried incorporate xanthan polymers (XP), guar gum (GG), hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), carboxymethyl-hydroxyethyl cellulose (CMHEC), polyacrylamide (PAM), polyvinyl liquor (PVA), polyvinyl-pyrrolidone (P V P), acrylamide/sodium – 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonate copolymer (PAM/AMPS), and a cationic surfactant that thickens corrosive when utilized at high focuses. Of the thickening operators tried, XP demonstrated the best generally speaking potential for use as a corrosive gelling specialist. This polymer is a proficient thickness manufacturer and has great soundness in 15 % HCl at temperatures up to 150 degrees F. PC demonstrate thinks about, which mull over chill off and gel debasement rate at different phases of corrosive spending, show thickness is kept up while treating wells that have bottomhole temperatures (BHT’s) up to 220 degrees F. Since the gelled corrosive holds its consistency amid spending, both response rate and liquid leakoff are hindered. Lab considers reproducing downhole spending conditions yield a 3.6-crease increment in investing energy for gelled 15 % HCl (22-cp) contrasted and ungelled corrosive. Well test outcomes are introduced that show the adequacy of corrosive breaking medications utilizing HCl with XP.


Gelled acids have been utilized for a long time to improve the adequacy of crack acidizing medicines. Gelling the corrosive permits more prominent break infiltration by expanding crack width, abating response rate, and decreasing liquid misfortune. Lamentably, most usually utilized gelling specialists have constrained corrosive dependability and are viable just at low-temperature applications. More up to date, progressively corrosive stable polymers show guarantee for use at higher temperatures. While assessing corrosive gelling specialists, various critical components must be mulled over. These incorporate the accompanying.