Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity250 Kilogram
ApplicationSolvent, Additive, Intermediate, etc.
Packaging TypeDrum (Barrels)
Packaging Size250 Kgs Drum (Barrel)
H.S. Code29211110
CAS No.68-12-2

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Here some important information about di methyl formamide (DMF).


Dimethylformamide is a natural compound with the equation (CH3)2NC(O)H. Normally truncated as DMF (in spite of the fact that this initialism is here and there utilized for dimethylfuran, or dimethyl fumarate), this dismal fluid is miscible with water and most of natural fluids. DMF is a typical dissolvable for substance responses. Dimethylformamide is scentless while specialized evaluation or corrupted examples regularly have a fishy smell because of polluting influence of dimethylamine. Dimethylamine debasement contaminations can be expelled by sparging corrupted examples with an idle gas, for example, argon or by sonicating the examples under decreased weight. As its name shows, it is a subordinate of formamide, the amide of formic corrosive. DMF is a polar (hydrophilic) aprotic dissolvable with a high breaking point. It encourages responses that pursue polar components, for example, SN2 responses.

Structure and properties

With respect to most amides, the spectroscopic proof shows halfway twofold bond character for the C-N and C-O bonds. Consequently, the infrared range demonstrates a C=O extending recurrence at just 1675 cm−1, while a ketone would retain almost 1700 cm−1. The surrounding temperature 1H NMR range indicates separate methyl signals, characteristic of impeded turn about the (O)C-N bond.

DMF is miscible with water. The vapor weight at 20 °C is 3.5 hPa. A Henry’s law consistent of 7.47 × 10−5 hPa m3 mol−1 can be derived from a tentatively decided harmony steady at 25 °C. The segment coefficient log POW is estimated to −0.85. Since the thickness of DMF (0.95 g cm−3 at 20 °C) is like that of water, critical buoyancy or stratification in surface waters if there should be an occurrence of unplanned misfortunes isn’t normal.

Left: two reverberation structures of DMF. Right: representation featuring delocalization.


DMF is hydrolyzed by solid acids and bases, particularly at raised temperatures. With sodium hydroxide, DMF changes over to formate and dimethylamine. DMF experiences decarbonylation close to its breaking point to give dimethylamine. Refining is thusly directed under diminished weight at lower temperatures.

In one of its fundamental uses in natural union, DMF is a reagent in the Vilsmeier– Haack response, which is utilized to formylate fragrant compounds. The procedure includes starting change of DMF to a chloroiminium particle, [(CH3)2N=CH(Cl)]+, known as a Vilsmeier reagent, which assaults arenes.

Organolithium mixes respond with DMF to give, after hydrolysis, aldehydes.


DMF was first arranged in 1893 by the French physicist Albert Verley (8 January 1867 – 27 November 1959), by refining a blend of dimethylamine hydrochloride and potassium formate.

DMF is set up by consolidating methyl formate and dimethylamine or by response of dimethylamine with carbon monoxide.

Albeit as of now illogical, DMF can be set up from supercritical carbon dioxide utilizing ruthenium-based catalysts.


The essential utilization of DMF is as a dissolvable with low dissipation rate. DMF is utilized in the creation of acrylic filaments and plastics. It is likewise utilized as a dissolvable in peptide coupling for pharmaceuticals, in the advancement and creation of pesticides, and in the assembling of cements, manufactured cowhides, filaments, movies, and surface coatings.

It is utilized as a reagent in the Bouveault aldehyde synthesis and in the Vilsmeier-Haack reaction, another helpful technique for shaping aldehydes.

It is a typical dissolvable in the Heck reaction.

It is additionally a typical impetus utilized in the blend of acyl halides, specifically the amalgamation of acyl chlorides from carboxylic acids utilizing oxalyl or thionyl chloride. The reactant system involves reversible arrangement of an imidoyl chloride.

DMF enters most plastics and makes them swell. As a result of this property DMF is reasonable for strong stage peptide union and as a segment of paint strippers.

DMF is utilized as a dissolvable to recoup olefins, for example, 1,3-butadiene by means of extractive refining.

It is likewise utilized in the assembling of dissolvable colors as an essential crude material. It is expended amid response.

Unadulterated acetylene gas can’t be packed and put away without the risk of blast. Modern acetylene is securely packed within the sight of dimethylformamide, which shapes a sheltered, concentrated arrangement. The packaging is additionally loaded up with agamassan, which renders it safe to transport and utilize.

Legitimate employments

As a typical and shoddy reagent, DMF has numerous utilizations in the examination research facility

DMF is powerful at isolating and suspending carbon nanotubes, and is suggested by the NIST for use in close infrared spectroscopy of such.

DMF can be used as a standard in proton NMR spectroscopy taking into account a quantitative assurance of an obscure compound.

In the union of organometallic mixes, it is utilized as a wellspring of carbon monoxide ligands.

DMF is a typical dissolvable utilized in electrospinning.

DMF is usually utilized in the solvothermal amalgamation of Metal– Organic Frameworks.

DMF-d7 within the sight of a reactant measure of KOt-Bu under microwave warming is a reagent for deuteration of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.


Responses including the utilization of sodium hydride in DMF as a dissolvable are fairly dangerous; exothermic deteriorations have been accounted for at temperatures as low as 26 °C. On a research center scale any warm out of control is (more often than not) immediately saw and carried leveled out with an ice shower and this remaining parts a prominent blend of reagents. On a pilot plant scale, then again, a few mishaps have been reported.

Poisonous quality

The intense LD50 (oral, rodents and mice) is 2.2-7.55 g/kg.Hazards of DMF have been examined.


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