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Minimum Order Quantity25 Kilogram
ApplicationAbsorb moisture and keep things dry, etc.
Packaging TypePouch & Bags
Packaging Size1 Gm, 2 Gm, 5 Gm, 10 Gm, 20 Gm, 50 Gm, 100 Gm, 250 Gm, 500 Gm& 1 Kg.
TypeWhite & Blue
FormCrystal & Powder
BrandAkshar Group
H.S. Code38249025
CAS No.112926-00-8

Silica gel was in presence as right on time as the 1640s as a logical curiosity. It was utilized in World War I for the adsorption of vapors and gases in gas veil canisters.The engineered course to deliver silica gel was protected by science teacher Walter A. Patrick at Johns Hopkins University in 1918.

In World War II, silica gel was irreplaceable in the war exertion for keeping penicillin dry, shielding military hardware from dampness damage,as a liquid splitting impetus for the creation of high octane fuel, and as an impetus support for the production of butadiene from ethanol, feedstock for the manufactured elastic program. akshar international is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of  silica gel.

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Types of silica gel

Type A – clear pellets, surmised pore distance across: 2.5 nm, drying and moistureproof properties, can be utilized as impetus transporters, adsorbents, separators and variable-weight adsorbent.

Type B – translucent white pellets, pore distance across: 4.5-7.0 nm, fluid adsorbents, drier and aroma bearers, likewise might be utilized as impetus transporters, feline litter.

Type C – translucent, small scale pored structure, crude material for planning of silica gel feline litter. Also dried and screened, it shapes full scale pored silica gel which is utilized as drier, adsorbent and impetus transporter.

Silica alumina gel – light yellow, artificially steady, fire safe, insoluble aside from in soluble base or hydrofluoric corrosive. Shallow extremity, warm solidness, execution more prominent than fine-pored silica gel.

Balancing out silica gel – non-crystalline smaller scale permeable strong powder, nontoxic, fire opposing, utilized in bottling works of grains for brew to improve taste, clearness, shading and froth, evacuation of non-miniaturized scale creature chemical manufacturers and supplier company.

Properties of chemical company in mumbai

Silica gel’s high explicit surface zone (around 800 m2/g) enables it to adsorb water promptly, making it valuable as a desiccant (drying specialist). Silica gel is frequently depicted as “retaining” dampness, which might be fitting when the gel’s minute structure is disregarded, as in silica gel packs or different items. In any case, material silica gel expels dampness by adsorption onto the outside of its various pores as opposed to by assimilation into the majority of the gel.


When soaked with water, the gel can be recovered by warming it to 120 °C (250 °F) for 1– 2 hours. A few kinds of silica gel will “pop” when presented to enough water. This is brought about by breakage of the silica circles while reaching the water.


A watery arrangement of sodium silicate is fermented to create a thick encourage that is washed, at that point got dried out to deliver lackluster silica gel. When an unmistakable sign of the dampness substance of the silica gel is required, ammonium tetrachlorocobaltate(II) (NH4)2CoCl4 or cobalt chloride CoCl2 is added. This will make the gel be blue when dry and pink when hydrated. An elective marker is methyl violet which is orange when dry and green when hydrated. Because of the association among malignancy and cobalt chloride, it has been taboo in Europe on silica gel.We provide  top chemical  in Mumbai.



Silica gel is a usually utilized desiccant as dabs pressed in a porous sack

See likewise: Desiccant

In numerous things, dampness empowers the development of form and waste. Buildup may likewise harm different things like hardware and may speed the decay of synthetic compounds, for example, those in nutrient pills. Through the consideration of silica gel parcels, these things can be protected longer.

Silica gel may likewise be utilized to keep the relative stickiness (RH) inside a high recurrence radio or satellite transmission framework waveguide as low as would be prudent (see additionally Humidity buffering). Inordinate dampness development inside a waveguide can cause arcing inside the waveguide itself, harming the power speaker encouraging it. Additionally, the dabs of water that structure and consolidate inside the waveguide change the trademark impedance and recurrence, debasing the flag. Usually for a little compacted air framework (like a little home aquarium siphon) to be utilized to circulate the air inside the waveguide over a container of silica gel.

Silica gel is additionally used to dry the air in modern compacted air frameworks. Air from the blower release moves through a bed of silica gel globules. The silica gel adsorbs dampness from the air, anticipating harm at the purpose of utilization of the packed air because of buildup or dampness. A similar framework is utilized to dry the packed air on railroad trains, where buildup and ice in the brake air funnels can prompt brake disappointment.

Silica gel is once in a while utilized as a protection instrument to control relative dampness in gallery and library shows and silica gels chemical manufacturers company in Mumbai.

Different applications incorporate analytic test strips, inward breath gadgets, syringes, sedate test units, and clinic sanitation packs.


Chromatography segment

In science, silica gel is utilized in chromatography as a stationary stage. In section chromatography, the stationary stage is frequently made out of silica gel particles of 40– 63 μm. Diverse molecule sizes are utilized for various types of section chromatography as the molecule measure is identified with surface region. The distinctions in molecule measure direct if the silica gel ought to be utilized for blaze or gravity chromatography. In this application, because of silica gel’s extremity, non-polar segments will in general elute before progressively polar ones, thus the name typical stage chromatography. Be that as it may, when hydrophobic gatherings, (for example, C18 gatherings) are appended to the silica gel then polar segments elute first and the technique is alluded to as turn around stage chromatography. Silica gel is additionally connected to aluminum, glass, or plastic sheets for slight layer chromatography.

The hydroxy (OH) bunches on the outside of silica can be functionalized to manage the cost of strength silica gels that show one of a kind stationary stage parameters. silica gels chemical companies in mumbai.These alleged functionalized silica gels are likewise utilized in natural blend and cleaning as insoluble reagents and scroungers.