Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity250 Kilogram
ApplicationPaint Solvents, Agro, etc.
Packaging TypeDrum (Barrels) & Tanker
Packaging Size250 Kgs Drum (Barrel) & Tanker load.
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
BrandAkshar Group
H.S. Code29039120
CAS No.95-50-1

Manufacturers and Suppliers of ortho di chloro benzene (odcb) mumbai

akshar international is one of the largest chemical supplier and manufacturer in mumbai. we provides a list of chemicals also we provide one of the best quality ortho di chloro benzene (odcb). we provide ortho di chloro benzene (odcb) with Minimum Order Quantity 250kg online. which really Used as Paint Solvents, Agro, etc.

Here some important information about ortho di chloro benzene (odcb).


orthodichlorobenzene (ODCB), is a natural compound with the equation C6H4Cl2. This dull fluid is ineffectively dissolvable in water yet miscible with most natural solvents. It is a subordinate of benzene, comprising of two neighboring chlorine focuses.

It is chiefly utilized as an antecedent compound in the union of agrochemicals, as a favored dissolvable for dissolving and working with fullerenes, as a bug spray, and in mellowing and expelling carbon-put together sullying with respect to metal

Generation and employments

1,2-Dichlorobenzene is gotten as a side-result of the generation of chlorobenzene:



5Cl + Cl

2 → C



2 + HCl

The response additionally manages the 1,4-and little measures of the 1,3-isomer. The 1,4-isomer is favored over the 1,2-isomer due to steric prevention. The 1,3-isomer is extraordinary on the grounds that it is a meta-compound, while chlorine, similar to all incandescent light, is an ortho/para-executives as far as electrophilic sweet-smelling substitution.

It is for the most part utilized as a forerunner to 1,2-dichloro-4-nitrobenzene, a middle in the blend of agrochemicals. as far as specialty applications, 1,2-dichlorobenzene is an adaptable, high-bubbling dissolvable. It is a favored dissolvable for dissolving and working with fullerenes. It is a bug spray for termites and insect borers, truly utilized by the United States Forest Service to battle across the board bark creepy crawly outbreaks.

1,2-Dichlorobenzene is likewise utilized in relaxing and expelling carbon-put together defilement with respect to metal surfaces.


Information from human presentation to 1,2-dichlorobenzene demonstrates that groupings of 100 ppm have been accounted for to cause sporadic bothering of the eyes and respiratory tract.[8] The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have set word related introduction limits at a roof of 50 ppm, over an eight-hour workday.[9]

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Specialized Order 2J-1-13

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Vermin control: Insecticides

Classes: ChloroarenesOrganochloride insecticidesHalogenated solventsAromatic solvents

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ortho-Dichlorobenzene (or o-Dichlorobenzene or o-DCB) is mostly utilized as a paint remover, as a degreaser (for oil traps, channels and vehicle parts) and as a decarboniser in the vehicle and marine ventures. It has a few uses in rural and veterinary enterprises.

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) evaluated o-DCB in February 2001. These are the principle discoveries of that evaluation.

o-DCB isn’t harmful. Be that as it may, wellbeing impacts can happen from breathing its vapors, skin contact or gulping it.

Contact with o-DCB can cause skin and eye bothering.

Breathing in o-DCB vapor can cause hacking, trouble breathing, and bothering to the respiratory tract, eye aggravation, migraine, dazedness and absence of co-appointment.


The fundamental hazard from o-DCB is from breathing it in. Standard security safeguards ought to be watched.

Great ventilation ought to be given in the working environment.

Data on o-DCB ought to be given in the work environment.

Compartments utilized for putting away o-DCB ought to be discarded as dangerous waste.

o-DCB ought to be discarded by authorized fluid waste temporary workers.

The present national introduction benchmarks are an eight-hour time-weighted normal of 25 ppm and momentary presentation point of confinement of 50 ppm. In any case, the report prescribes that these limits should be inspected so presentation ought to be kept beneath this.

Blends containing over 20% o-Dichlorobenzene are classed as Hazardous Substances. It is arranged Class 6.1 (lethal) under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code with UN number 1591 and Hazchem code 2Z. It is recorded in Poisons Schedule Number 6.

More data on o-DCB can be found in the (Material) Safety Data Sheet accessible from the provider.

An exhaustive wellspring of data is the point by point appraisal of o-Dichlorobenzene distributed by NICNAS.

It would be ideal if you note, our proposals are not constantly actualized by compound controllers. For the most forward-thinking data about how a specific substance is controlled in your State or Territory you should contact other government offices. Peruse What we accomplish for insights concerning our administrative accomplices.