Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Kilogram
ApplicationCleaning Agent, Water Treatment, Drain Cleaner, etc.
Packaging TypeBags
Packaging Size50KgsBags
FormFlakes / Prills
H.S. Code28151110
CAS No.1310-73-2

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Caustic Soda in mumbai

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here some important information about caustic soda.


Acidic soft drink is one of the normal names for sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

It is otherwise called lye, in spite of the fact that lye may allude to either potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide.

Unadulterated acidic soft drink is sold for making candles or cleanser.

Sullied scathing soft drink is found in channel more clean.

Since lye is utilized to make illicit medications, it’s harder to purchase extensive amounts than before. Be that as it may, little compartments are accessible in stores and on the web.

Employments of Caustic Soda or Lye

Lye is utilized for cleanser making, flame making, custom made biodiesel, icing glass, making a few nourishments, and for science tests.

Step by step instructions to Get Caustic Soda or Lye

It’s a lot harder to get hold of lye than it used to be before. The principle wellspring of scathing soft drink was Red Devil Lye, yet that item is off the market now. For what reason is it difficult to get lye? The reason is on the grounds that it tends to be utilized to control pH amid methamphetamine creation. There are as yet a couple of approaches to get the compound. Ensure the item is 100% sodium hydroxide, lye, or scathing soft drink and chemical companies in mumbai. This is particularly essential on the off chance that you are making nourishment, since a tainted item may contain perilous contaminants. Wellsprings of lye include:

channel cleaner (check the mark) – e.g., Roebic Crystal Drain Cleaner, sold as Lowes

sodium hydroxide from an online compound supply store

cleanser making store

flame making store

biodiesel supply store

Know, when obtaining acidic soft drink or lye, you may need to sign an explanation that you’re not utilizing it for unlawful exercises. Or on the other hand, you shouldn’t sign anything, since a Visa practically gives every one of the subtleties expected to discover you if the specialists believe you’re a rising medication master.

Accommodating Tips

Since it’s generally difficult to get hold of this compound, you may need to purchase in mass. You might almost certainly find other individuals that need the synthetic to help split the expense. It is anything but a costly thing, yet you most likely needn’t bother with a few pounds of it.

Keep the compartment fixed and far from dampness. Scathing soft drink ingests and responds with water.

Fend off lye from youngsters and pets. Contacting or ingesting it can cause a conceivably extreme synthetic consume.

Use gloves or utensils to deal with harsh soft drink.

Perform responses including this compound in a very much ventilated room or outside and we provide chemical manufacturers in mumbai . The response discharges heat and poisonous exhaust.

Burning Soda or Lye Substitutes

Contingent upon the reason, you might almost certainly substitute an artificially comparable solid base, potassium hydroxide (KOH). This is a synthetic you can, in the event that you are very committed, make yourself by absorbing wood fiery debris water. To do this, splash a vast amount of fiery debris in a little measure of water. Permit about seven days for the water to extricate the lye. Channel the fluid, which contains potassium hydroxide, channel it, and bubble it to focus the soluble base. Be mindful so as to utilize gloves when taking care of the fluid. The undertaking should just be performed outside or in a very much ventilated space.

The thing available to be purchased is 4 Ounces (by weight) of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH); otherwise called Lye, Caustic Soda. This item, when broken up in water, creates a ton of warmth. Utilize extraordinary alert while adding item to water. Continuously add item to water never add water to item. Continuously utilize cold water (adding item to high temp water may make it bubble and scatter). Keep item firmly fixed in its unique compartment. Item is a solid desiccant and will ingest enough dampness from the air to break down itself and wind up fluid. Item responds emphatically with metals containing Aluminum and produces Hydrogen gas. Alert: CAUSES SEVERE BURNS Contains Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda). Maintain a strategic distance from contact with skin, eyes, mucous films and dress. Medical aid: External: Flood with water. Inward: Drink Large amounts of water. Call crisis room or doctor right away. Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes.The best service  chemical company in mumbai. Get fast therapeutic consideration. Keep far from youngsters. Strong PLASTIC BOTTLE: Our containers are made of tough Nalgene HDPE, which is a translucent, lightweight, solid, and synthetically safe thermoplastic. The screw-top is totally watertight and childproof. The containers’ level best makes them stackable and their wide mouth enables them to pour effectively. The square, “space-saver” shape makes them an ideal expansion to any retire or travel unit. Each container we dispatch is fixed in plastic with the screw-top psychologist wrapped. Several USES INCLUDING: Cooking/Soap-Making/Drain Cleaner/Acid Neutralizer/Chemical Reagent/Paper Making/De-Greaser/Swimming Pool Treatment/Desiccant/CO2 Absorption/Biodiesel Production/Aluminum Etchant/Glass Etchant/HHO Generator Electrolyte. SHIPS FAST FROM CALIFORNIA, USA: Your thing will be on the way that day you put in your request. We dispatch three times each day, each day of the week. From California, travel time all through the United States is 2-4 days.